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Smt. Bhanumati Shribhagwan Tiwari Educational Trust (Mumbai)


To express our inner voice is to educate. Knowledge is hidden inside each and every person. Knowledge is inside us nothing comes from out to furnish our view one has to define and narrate it properly. According to psychology we need to prepare our mental state and strength our ability to overcome our negativity we have to learn to face such specific time and situation. We say that gravitational force was invented by Newton in other words was the invention waiting for Newton? No, the invention was inside Newton’s mind it was just waiting for the right time and exact situation, so that it could flash the whole world. Today we are in the advance technological world which is created by human.  In the same way gravitational force was placed before us by Newton. Neither it was in the apple nor do earths centre point.  Remember:  Mind is treasure and soul in its strength. If both go together we can acquire success.

What type of education we need

We are in need of education which builds, character, which gives us knowledge about the world and make us stand stable with strong will-power. “Faith” is the path of success which we should try to repent. The way we think we act we predict our future. Due to lack of knowledge we are mistaken. Try to build character. Make your heart well cultured. Don’t create mess due to religion. We achieve the right. Education will lead felinity toward tension force life.  Do you duty with selfless desire. Overcome, negative thinking, and first try to change ourselves. Take responsibilities love lead to prosperity in same weak weakness leads to death. Try and trust in individual joking all these into consideration from the above sea a drop is taken out and flame into Rajeev Gandhi High School by the help of Shrimati Bhanumati Shribhagwan Tiwari Education Trust.

Establishment of Trust

Bhanumati Shri Bhagwan Tiwari Education Trust
Keeping education as well as difficult training centre in mind in the name of senior social worker.
Rajeev Gandhi High School was established on 26th Jan 2004 on this day Saraswati Puja was also performed. It was a great coincident in the presence of Dr. Sheetdaparasad Dubey and Dr. Ramakant Kshitij the school foundation was laid.


We are trying to build our students in such a way that they may not only grow in educational knowledge but also they should try to make our countrymen feel proud to be Indians. Which lead them to be well civilized citizen and should participate in the movement to make Indian free from terrorism, state wise arguments etc. They should try their level best to be united and should not try to divide humanity. They should feel the brotherhood love.

Why Kalyan east?

Kalyan east in still not developed as to west when we compare. The people are uneducated in this area due to lake off education they can’t face the world today, therefore to overcome their drawback we have to educate the children of such parents. With this view in mind we are running Rajeev Gandhi High School in Vithalwadi which is located in Kalyan East area in Thane district of Maharashtra.

Contribution in the development of the country

Long back a philosopher said, “Indian sets in villages”. Cities set in huts. Development of the nation is possible only when each and every child gets education and become self dependent. Rajeev Gandhi High School is trying to educate the children of the nation from a small part of the nation. We are trying to contribute the students who are well educated as well as well cultured.

5 Years Achievements

Within these five years the school has achieved following:
SSC Result
Continuously for the past 4 years our SSC students have scored cent percent results.
In the year 2008, 2009, 2010 result was 100% in Rajeev Gandhi High School for SSC Students.


In Modern age of society Internet is most comment thing used in Human being to contact and it is also a very easiest way now a days. So we have developed a website http://www.rajeevgandhihighschool.edu.in where anyone can contact us and also see updated happening in our school.

Satisfaction of Parents

We try to satisfy our parents in all aspects by molding their children in all activity held in school.

Develop Self Confidence

The students from our school have developed self confidence among themselves and thus they feel proud to be stunt of Rajeev Gandhi High School.

Culture Programs

Awaking of the people by arranging rallies to in which students come out on the street and approach the citizens.
Picnics are also arranged so that the children should enjoy the outings along with education. They should also learn how to behave when they are in Public place.

Gandhi Jayanti : Gurunanak a Shikh guru gives the new definition of religions. He has lighted lamp in the hearts of people and this we also celebrate Gurunanak Jayanti in our school.

Ganesh Utsav : Symbol of knowledge is lord Ganesh. Social unit is seen in this festival which was stated by Lokmanya Tilak.

Ambedkar Jayanti : Leader of backward society and Master of Indian laws Dr. Bimrao Babasaheb Ambedkar’s birthday and death anniversary both are held in school.

Hindi day, Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Holi, New Year, Ramzan, Christmas etc are the festivals which we celebrate in our school.

Literacy day is also organized in the school to make our parents understand the importance of education and for that there is no age bar you can start at any age.

Grand Parents day i.e. Senior Citizen Day is also celebrated to make our Dada Dadi feel how much we love them?

Eye Listing Camp, Science Exhibition, annual day celebration, best Teacher Award, Sports Day etc are also conducted in the school.

Message from principal

Rajeev Gandhi High School is trying to develop each and every child from our school in every aspect. The School is thankful to our parents for their cooperation. We are also thankful to our well wishes. I will try my level best to make every student a good citizen, self confident and a social person who can think about the society and would always strive to be helpful.

About School Area

A new school building is being consumed in the area of 20,000 square feet. At present there a few classrooms constructed with a big play ground and a small garden. The work is still in progress. It is a biggest achievement in the last six years.

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