Admission Process in Rajeev Gandhi High School

1. A parents or Guardian of a new student, joining from home or from a private school has to produce an official birth Certificate such as municipal or baptismal certificate in support of the date of Birth entered in the admission form.
2. No child younger than six or older than seven years admitted to the first standard and a corresponding scale of age of fixed for the subsequent Standards.
3. A new student from any recognized school cannot be admitted unless and until his leaving certificate is produced and moreover, counter signed by the inspector of the state if the school is outside of Maharashtra state. (Grant-in Aid Code No.21)
4. Admission from an unrecognized school shall not be made on the strength of leaving certificate. Applicants from admission from unrecognized school shall have an affidavit being made by the Parents or guardian before a magistrate is subjected to regular written test in all the subjects and admitted after confirmation by the educational inspectors. An official birth certificate will have to be produced.
5. Pupils applying for admission may subject an entrance test. The will be tested in the standard below the one they seek admission.
6. Candidates must pay in advance the Entrance fee for the first month together with the first semesters.
7. The birth certificate of the student, produce at the time of admission will be the final one and no change in date of birth will allowed to be made later.


Rules of Discipline

1. All the expected to speak in English in the school premises and the school compound.
2. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than a week, habitual illness, disobediences objectionable moral influence, above all discourtesy and disrespect to teachers each is a sufficient cause to dismissal.
3. A pupil who has been absent for more than three days at a stretch because of illness, is expected to bring a doctors certificate before returning to school along with a written application.
4. No Student who has been absent from school, or is late more than three times a month will be admitted to class without the principal’s signature. The prefects will sign the calendar for the late attendance only on other occasion.
5. For the smooth running of the school any object liable to prove source of disturbance like crackers, water pistols, magazines out paper etc. If found in the passion of the student, make them liable for several punishment, running, playing or shouting inside the school building is never allowed.
6. Any damage done in or about the school premises or to school property must be made good by the parent of the student responsible. Of offender is not discovered a collective fine may be imposed upon the entire class. The decision of the principal regarding the amount to be paid is final.
7. Student leaving the premises of the school in the course of the day will have to take written permission from the principal. Repeated defaulters are liable to be dismissed.
8. No Books, newspapers and periodical may be brought into school premises without the principal’s sanction. Student found with absence book or pictures their possession or lending them to others is liable to be expelled from school.
9. Personal cleanliness in ones whole person in expected from all. The uniform must be clean and neatly pressed, shoes well polished, finger nails pared and hair trimmed and neatly arranged. Shaggy, ling and unkempt hair may earn the owners a visit to the barbers.
10. Serious action may be take b y the principal or with the express permission for faults against discipline against regularly and in care is unsanctioned leave.

Admissions are open in between December to June of every year. There are Four (4) unit test and two (2) semesters in a year.

Pre Primary Section: Nursery – KG

Primary Section: 1st to 4th Standard
Secondary Section: 5th to 10th Standard