Dr. Ramakant Kshitij

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Educational Works:Establishment of Rajiv Gandhi High school in 2004 at Kalyan(East) Dist:Thane, Mumbai. , Establishment Rajiv Gandhi Primary school in 2004 at Kalyan(East), Dist:Thane, Mumbai , Establishment of Little Kids Nursery in the year 2004 at Kalyan(East),

Director of different institutions:Smt. Bhanumati shri Bhagwan tiwari education trust (March 2003), Hindi sewa kandra Mumbai(2008), Hindi Bhasha maharashtriya Shangh mumbai(2001).

Social works:On 26th july 2005, there was a flood in mumbai and to help in this difficult situation we provided free cloths, food grains, and different household materials to people.
Distributed study materilas at free of cost to different children. Written a novel “Mumbai me ek aur samundar” which is totally based on this situations.

Literacy program:Organized literacy program for old aged people and senior citizen to make them educated.

De-addiction campaign:With the help of students, organized a de-addiction campaign and given awards to students to encourage them.

For elderly:Organized Dada- Dadi, Nana-Nani programs in Mumbai and Amethi (U.P) to give respects to old aged people. For which kept different events such as cultural programs, Malarkey programs and distributed different awards as well.

For Girls:Organized different programs and public awareness camps to stop feticide and child marriage.

Eye Medical Camp:For needy people organized free Eye medical camps.

Help in natural calamities: In the year 20008 , the natural clamity happen in Kosi (Bihar).To helps them in these bad situation we had sent relief materials.

Literature activities :Writing and publications of books, organizing poets gathering, giving awards to writers.

Published books:Soniya tumhe salam(1999), Manav Mitra Bharatratna Rajiv Gandhi(2001), Parivartan ki Aandhi(2003), Gandhi-Gandhi(2004), Mumbai me ek aur samundar(2005), Adhura Sach(2007)

Published stories/ magazines::Ramiya- Hamara Mahanagar(Mumbai). Adhura Sach(K. S.), Katar- Agnishila(Mumbai), Janpriya Jyoti(Muradabad), bhasmasur-Adhura Sach, yugtewar(Sultanpur), Side Effect- Adhura Sach, Parivartan- Agnishila(Mumbai), Meetha Jahar-Humara Mahanagar(Mumbai), Saras Salil(Delhi), Nirpang- Samagra dristi, Pune, Ek aur Gaya- Adhura Sach, Sorry,! Yugtewar (Sultanpur UP), Kaach ki Chuddiya- Adhura Sach, Hathi ek Daat- Adhura Sach, prancharya Aarogyam(hathras), 9:14 CST- Humara Mahanagar(Mumbai), pranachrya(Muradabad), Takhtotaj(Allahabad), Adhura Sach- Humara ma-hanagar(mumbai) , 26th July – Adhura Sach.

Description: Aashirvachan – Vijay Bahadur Singh, Bhopal, Abarbe Kalam- Dr tarik Aslam’tasneem’, Dewas, Hindi jyoti bimb- Vinod Dubey, Jaipur, Narayaniyam- Dr Sheetala Prasad Dubey, kalyan (Mumbai), Masi-Kagad- Dr. shyam sakha ’Shyam’, Roahatak, Acharaa- Yugesh Sharma Bhopal, Navbharat- Naamdar Raahi, Mumbai, Bharati- Vinod Dubey, Mumbai, Avinash singh Chouhan, Itawa, Dr Amit Dubey, Luck-now, Arvind Kumar Pathak, ujain, Savita Bajaj, Mumbai, Vahida Ali Vahid, Laucknow, Devdatt Vajpayee, Navi Mumbai, Suresh fakad- Voice of Lucknow,

Pray to God: Environment is everything and we are the part of it. Everything which happened is due to environment. Environment never changed with Pray or Anger. Environment helps all the time. We should pray with ourselves.

Wish :God should give me that much strength from which I can help society and my Parents and I should not create problem to anyone.

Message to People: We all are related to each other.

Request to People:Come together in development.

Promise to People :You'll be always called.

In terms of Family :From whom we affinity is just a family.

For Country:It is a life in the body.

In Reference to student:It is just a raw material which always need to convert in finished goods. Student is not a plant of house but a tree of a Garden.

Youth:Youth are a just a life in the body. We need to make them literate and disciplined.

Elderly:Elders are just like a stomach in a body from whom we need to take the experience and we should utilize the experience in our work.

Women :Women are powerful and they should not copy the men behavior and don’t make them self to be men like. Women are more powerful than men and there they should develop their self confidence.

Language:Language is used to communicate each other and helps to be together.

Wealth:Money should flow like blood in body.

God:Human being are the part of god and he cannot define it which are in all. Everything is just God and nothing else.

Love:It’s a madness which happen its own.

Science:It’s a change in environment which we think as development.

My Weakness: Laziness and anger.

Strength:Self confidence/Criticism

Influencing people:Sant Kabir Das, Swami Vivekanad, Rajiv Gandhi, Parents, Sunil K. Gupta.

Like:The things which can get by efforts.

Thanks to:Environment, mother & Father, critics/ admirer .

Dislike:Comparison and waste of time.

Motivation:People’s critics and appreciation

Fear :To be Old.

Favorite food:The food which get at the time of hungry.

Most tasty thing :Water

Be more powerful:At the time of difficult situation

Friends:The person who can useful and from whom everything can be share.

Best Friend:Wife(Sangeeta)

My wealth:My health and money in my pocket.

Most Beautiful Woman: Pregnant woman.

Finest Religion:Humanity religion .

Favorite Place :Anything Natural places.

Character :People should be measured on their person behavior and as per their social work.

Leader:Leaders are those should create faith in public.

Say something:Don’t change other , change yourself.

Say Nothing:Everything

Whose helps do not need :Unfaithful person

Who should help:Time

Father’s Name:Shri Bhagwan Tiwari.

Mother’s Name:Shri Bhanumati Tiwari

Birthday :21st July 1969

Address:Rajiv Gandhi High School, Kailash Nagar, kalyan(East) Thane, Mumbai.

Permanent Address:Parashuram(Haripur) Amethi, Sultanpur(U.P.)

Phone No:9324345937, 9594043045

E-mail:ramakant@rajeevgandhischool.com, dr.ramakanttiwari@gmail.com

Website: www.rajeevgandhischool.edu.in

Educational QualificationM.A.(Hindi), Mumbai University, B.Ed.(Mumbai University), Ayurved Ratna(Hindi Sahitya samelan, Allahabad), P.HD.(Hindi), Mumbai University.